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“Mr. Catering”, you must have heard the name. We have been serving in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia for 23 years now, and we are proud of the quality of work we have managed to maintain and continuously improve over the period.


Our premium services have been well received by a faithful base of customers, for whose satisfaction we strive and work dedicatedly to achieve. Also, our services are undoubtedly the most affordable, which helps us cater to a variety of events and occasions

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Is it cheaper to cater or cook?

One of the first and most important questions that would crop up in a person’s mind while planning for the food arrangements in an event is whether it would be better to avail a catering service or just arrange for a cook to get the food prepared. Which would be the cheaper option? Well, we believe we are quite eligible to answer this question as we have carried out a series of surveys and also have had a dedicated team analyze this.

You will be quite surprised to know that even though at the surface level it seems like having a cook would be much cheaper, it is the other way round. The average amount a good chef would charge added to the cost of procuring the required grocery, kitchen tools, and the cooking area, would far exceed the cost of utilizing a decent catering service. Not to mention, the hassles involved in getting the food items prepared and the need to have proper supervision over the work is entirely negated when there is a dedicated team catering for it. One does not need to know the business to understand this.

Why are contract caterers convenient for the customer

Having stated how the catering option is more affordable, let us also try to understand in detail how it is a more convenient option.

Firstly, there is a risk-free contract in place. Our team would have a meeting with you to understand the needs, the menu, and the occasion. We have a very useful catalog in place to help you finalize the terms of the contract. While we do have standard plans, we understand that each customer has their taste and we are always flexible and willing to accommodate for it.

The quality and hygiene standards that are required to be maintained while serving food to a crowd, are extremely delicate. There can never be a compromise on this, also while keeping in mind that taste of the food prepared would be subjected to criticism and feedback, which would play a very big part in the event being successful. All this is taken care of when you go with an established contractor like Mr. Catering.

The other most important aspect is the stress involved in the overall management, track of finances, and the work involved. This is not an easy-to-handle situation, rather involves having a whole lot of experience and skilled people to manage. We have been and will always be happy about the wonderful team that we have, who have never let any of our customers down, no matter how high profile or extensive the demands are.

How much do caterers cost?

Every occasion has its demand, but with a restricted budget. There would be few other caterers in town who understand this better than us. We have, over the years, served a wide range of

events and crowds. From a small corporate meet to a big wedding, we’ve worked through it all. And when we say that our services are affordable, we mean it.

We understand that you would have a pre-fixed budget in mind and that we would have to work within the range. Not just us, every caterer would be first checking with you on the budget that you have in mind. While we cannot speak for the others, we as a company in the contractual catering business have made it our ethic to be flexible with our options and services, to accommodate for all kinds of needs of the customers who approach us.

We believe our versatility in turn would make us more approachable, without there being any hesitation from the customer’s point of view. You may or may not avail of our service, but we always encourage you to reach out to us to have a discussion. We are available over calls and can even arrange for a meet at any time. After having gone through our catalog and options, we have never really seen any customer disappointed with the time spent.

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Catering services near your area

If you are someone who has been in and around Macon or Warner Robins for a while, there is a very high chance that you have experienced our catering service in one or the other event that you have previously been to, probably not knowing that it was us.

We have serviced in the most remote locations and for the most local of events in the towns of Macon and Warner Robins. Mr. Catering is always open to reaching out and ensuring that the service is available in your area.

Many caterers feel the need to restrict their service area as they may not have the required transportation facilities in place. We are not one of them. Feel free to give us a ring and share your location and we will have our representative be there to help you in no time.

How are caterers handling covid?

There is very little need to explain how very serious the situation has been because of the Covid pandemic over the last year. More than the fact that it severely affected the businesses around the world, the tougher part was to re-organize and adapt to the changes that the situation now demands.

These challenging times have demanded the caterers to be so much more responsible. Mr. Catering found it comparatively simpler to adapt as we have always maintained the kind of hygiene standards, right from the time we started operating in the industry. Nonetheless, we understand that it is our moral responsibility to ensure that we operate in a very secure and clean environment and that the food we serve is in all terms compliant with the required standards.

Our teams have been trained to keep themselves sanitized and wear masks at all times. Each one in the team is mandatorily checked for body temperature and health conditions before entering the work area. The tools we use are washed with hot water regularly. We also strictly maintain the social distancing norms while serving food at the events

How to hire the best catering company for your special event?

Every event and the associated special occasion deserves to have delicious food served to the attendees. It is obvious for the event planner to feel the need to find the best catering company for their special event, to make it a memorable and successful one.

The simplest suggestion would be to hire a caterer who would meet your requirements. It is though, not as easy as it sounds. Be it in terms of the menu, or the budget, or the experience, a caterer should tick all the boxes. It is understandable and is only right that a customer would want to be sure of the caterer they choose.

Catering, as an established company in the business, has always considered customer satisfaction to be of utmost priority and our customers are a testimonial of it. If you are planning an event and are looking to hire the best caterer for your special event, we are just a phone call away. You can also drop us your details, and we will get back to you with a free, no-obligation quote to help you decide.


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"One of my friends suggested going with Mr. Catering a couple of years back, and they are my only go-to caterers now. The food they serve is delicious and so very affordable. Highly recommended. "
Raymond Harper

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